Lime Kiln Point State Park


Lime Kiln Point State Park is one of the best land-based whale watching spots in the world. On the western edge of Washington State’s San Juan Island, and the Haro Strait which separates the San Juan Islands from Vancouver Island, it’s possible to see Orcas, Gray, Humpback, Minke whales, and Porpoises.

This is a woodblock print of Lime Kiln Lighthouse looking out at Haro Strait.

Original woodblock print; 6”x 8”
Edition of 50; $185


The cherry-wood block I carved and used for printing Lime Kiln Point State Park. 6”x 8”.


Storm Clouds Over Tettegouche State Park

Storm Clouds Over Tettegouche

Storm Clouds Over Tettegouche

It’s a short hike from the visitor center at Tettegouche up to the highest points of Shovel Point, but well worth it for the expansive views of the north shore.

On one of your hikes, you might see a storm like this approaching Tettegouche. Shovel Point offers many dramatic perspectives, especially from the edge of the cliff looking southwest toward Palisade Head in the distance.

6”x 6”; woodblock print; edition of 15; $275


Gathering Storm, Tettegouche State Park

Gathering Storm, Tettegouche

Gathering Storm, Tettegouche

Tettegouche is one of my top three Minnesota State Parks. It combines spectacular views of the lake and shoreline, but also great hiking on the Superior Hiking Trail with views of the Sawtooth Mountains, a bunch of waterfalls along the Baptism River, including the 60 ft High Falls, and several lakes in the back country. It's a fantastic place for photography, sketching, or painting.

This is a sketch in oils of heavy weather heading toward Palisade Head and Shovel Point at Tettegouche State Park.

8”x 10”; oil on board